-I finished the Passenger side fuel tank, which is the “Primary” fuel system…the Driver’s side will act as the “Secondary” as it’s just there to add capacity and will dump fuel into the passenger side when needed.

-I ended up mounting the fuel pump (Bosch 044) external to the tank as I struggled to figure out a simple way to secure it inside the tank while having it also attached to the fuel tank access door. The internal fuel tube has a pre-filter & small fuel pick-up mat, and is enclosed in the ATL Fuel cell that includes a fuel trap door.
-External Surge tank vs. integral baffling/trap-door: With the GT40 long fuel tanks, it’s key to have a design that ensure fuel under extended braking or accelerating. Since we were doing custom ATL Fuel Cells, we opted for internal baffling with a trap door in the rear; this also saved some space that would’ve been required for an external tank. When I tried to start the motor for the ~3rd time, it would turn over, I could smell fuel in the exhaust, but it never started; I had the rear jacked up for a few days and left it that way to keep the wheels off the lift as a precaution just in case the tranny was in gear…and with only a gallon of fuel in the tank, all of the fuel drained to the front of the tank.
-After the fuel pump, I used a Holley Filter/Regulator combination that is designed for the LS engines. It keeps the return fuel close, so the line has less distance to run back to the tank.
-I am slightly worried that a single Bosch 044 will be good enough for the power levels, even though its technically rated to handle what I need. This was a balance decision, as adding a 2nd pump would easily handle the power levels, but then that adds the concern of dumping in too much heat under normal driving, which can lead to hot-start issues (vapor lock). If I end up having issues, I’ll probably go away from a standard fuel pump, and do one of the newer brushless styles that moderates the pump based on rpm/demand.
-Fuel diagram: plumbing, pumps, vent,

ATL Fuel Cell (Passenger side, looking through the aft access hole): The brown tabs were design to hold the fuel pump. The Yellow is fuel cell foam, which is designed to help prevent fuel from being atomized if the tank is ruptured. the small white plastic piece i the baffle door.
Fuel pump, filter/regulator, and plumbing all installed.
fuel Filler: Front of Passenger fuel tank

Fuel filler lids: This was one of the projects that was easier than I assumed. Everything fit up well, cutting the holes & making the final bends to join with the fuel tank all happened fuss free!

Adding rivnuts to the panel that closes out the fuel filler piping.
Gas cap installed!
and it fits!

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