Umi Mechcanical LLC - a New venture for those passionate about all things mechanical!

4 Tiers of Partnership:

Tier 1: By Day access.  One of the business partners will meet you a selected time, give you a tour, Safety instructions.  They will meet you when you're done to ensure all of the tools are back in place and the shop is clean.  They will most often be doing their own work at the shop, or at minimum a call or short distance away; so ready to help if you have any questions.


Tier 2: By week full access.  We'll get you set up, give you access for the week, and be on call if you have any questions


Tier 3: Monthly subscription, gives you direct access, your own gate code and key for 24/7 access, and ability to schedle up to 14 days of use per month w/ ability to flex between months base on availibility


Tier 4: Full Partnership, co-ownership.  This gives you direct rights to the shop and a say in the direction of how we run the business

Tools / Equipment:

-4 post lift rated at 10,000 lbs, with pneumatic center rolling jack, and separate Jack tray. (Qty 2)

-Jack stands, wheel chalks

-Full Alignment tool set

-MIG Welder, w/ Aliumnim Spool gun.

-Plasma Cutter



-Combo Metal Shear, bender, roller

-Metal Bandsaw

-Drill Press

-Welding table w/ full set of tools/jig, integrated sheet metal bender

-Transmission Jack for lift

-Engine hoist

-engine stand

-Bearing puller

-Full spray paint set-up, professional level (gun, nozzles, 30 gallon air compressor w/ moisture removal,...)

-Oil collector 20 gallon barrel designed for a lift

-3 Full Tool Chests, complete set (SAE, Metric, screwdrivers, pliers, Tap/Die, cotter pin pliers,....99% of whatever you'd need)

-Brake bleeder

-10Ton Hydrailuc press w/ bender attachement

-Slide hammer


-Additionally we have a 24' enclosed V-Nose Aluminum Trailer rated for 10,000lbs (2,700lbs dry).  It's 100% kitted out, perfect for simple car hauling, mobile repair, race track day, camping,...Full Solar, Battery, lights, power. Full tool box, Jack, Jack stands, Dual Zone Refrigerator/Freeze, E-Track on the walls, cabinets, epoxy coated floor, Extra long aluminum ramp door extension that can load the lowest of card, Trailer dolly for easy parking, shore power, in floor flush-mount winch,  3 camera wifi set up for easy towing. All in, this is $35K set-up.