It’s alive!!

After a few months hiatus, I’m back at it…and the engine fired right up, literally!

Engine, Exhaust, and Intake installed, this time w/ the dual disc clutch!
TQ’ing bolts: excited that this should be the last time, so adding bolt head seal to help provide a visual indication in case anything loosens up. This also helps me know what’s been TQ’d and what has’nt…when every single bolt is new on the whole car, its be too easy to miss a few!
Intake Manifold wrapped up (the gold things): far more complicated than we originally intended, but the manifold for the ITBs (Individual Throttle Bodies) retains the performance of ITBs and allows a MAF (mass air flow) sensor for easy street-able tuning.

Fuel filler installed…looks legit old school. While it looks simple/easy, this took a good amount of time to trim all the pieces, route the fuel filler tubing, and modify the fuel tank to receive it.
Fuel filler neck for the Passenger side fuel tank. Blue rubber cap is to prevent FOD (Foreign Object Debris) from dropping in.
Fuel System: Fuel pump (horizontal silver thing), routes up to the Fuel Filter & Regulator (vertical black/silver thing), then there’s a return line to the tank and a fuel line to the engine. The red fitting on the fuel tank is a rollover vent…allows the tank to breath normally, but blocks fuel in case of a roll over.
Fuel Filler Caps installed…was tempted to get something newer for less $$, but this front hood just calls for this exact filler!
While the engine started up quickly, I had some severe exhaust backfiring…pulled up HPTuners and started logging data to figure it out. (The ECU is tuned for the engine, but I added the ITBs which drastically change things…so I’m not surprised).

Video of Engine starting:

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