It’s a Tribute build…

What started as a Father & Son’s GT40 build is now a son’s tribute build of his Dad’s Dream car. My Dad passed away after a nearly 11 year battle with Thyroid Cancer; while the pain of loosing him is still far too fresh, I’m so grateful for the time I’ve had with him. This project car served it’s primary purpose…we got to talk nearly every day on all of the details for the last year; and an inconsequential side benefit is that in a few more months we’ll also have a driving car.

Below are a few pictures from a few years ago on our European trip to pick up his M3

a few years ago I got to tag along w/ my dad when he did a European delivery of his new BMW M3. This was our factory tour!
Combing his passions…cars & wine (he was a small vineyard owner/farmer in Sonoma County)
We hit up Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and even did a few laps of the Ring & F1 track.

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  1. So sorry for your loss, I hope you finish the build and think of him when you drive it often!!!!!

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