A car build like this guarantees 1 thing…help. From the little things to the big, it’s impossible to complete a big project without good friends and family.
Family: My wife continues to be supportive…and if I’m honest, it’s amazing as this is a crazy project w/ lots of $$ and time involved. She even lends a hand at times ;). In addition, my girls are always asking to be in the garage with me…I try to save specific projects for them, and to keep it fun.
Friends: Here’s the short list of help, this post would be far too long to capture everything!
-Custom GT40 key-chain tags
-“Umi” Logo & Paint ideas
-Designing & fabricating the rear inboard suspension
-Lending a hand make various panels & brackets, install/remove the engine & tranny 10 times, push the car when the engine won’t restart, Helping ~20 times to raise and lower the Front & Aft clam-shells to test fit on the chassis

Safety 1st!
1st drive: my brother in the background getting ready…
girls sanding down the edges of the CVs
They love organizing stuff…so I had them sort all of my random bolt/nuts.
My wife helping to bleed the clutch
small hands are perfect for these small tedious tasks like threading in bolts & washers.
We even took a break to watch Ford vs. Ferrari