Why Active Power for a GT40 kit?

How did we choose Active Power for our GT40 kit…?

1) a real GT40 recently sold for ~$9M…clearly out of our modest budget range.

2) The name brand GT40 kits end up costing $200K…a pretty good deal compared to a real version, but still hard to attain for most people.  The superperformance kit claims ~70% of the components are interchangeable with an original…it’s so close, they even get an official GT40 serial #.

3) Active GT40 is authentic to the look, but has made some significant updates to the under-body that makes this really appealing…and it’s priced in a range that is approachable.

A) Corvette C5/6 suspension.  A lot has changed in 50 years since the original GT40 was designed…tires and suspension need to be co-developed; it’s sub-optimal to have old suspension characteristics with new tires….so updating to a modern suspension will let us work with modern tires.  While this is a historic type of build, we’re also planning to take it to the track and want to maximize it’s performance!

B) Price: With a roller kit around $20K (no engine/trans), it’s possible to do a budget build.

C) Chris, the owner of Active, is more than willing to work out unique ideas/builds…he’s been great to work with, is incredibly knowledgeable, and we’ve only heard reviews from others he’s built cars for.

Below are a few pictures from a GT40 he built with a Ford Coyote motor: