August, 2018: Paper & Excel about to turn into $$

After Months of research, and many long phone calls between my Dad & I, and with various companies…we’ve finally agreed on all of the big items: Kit car, Transaxle, and engine!!  Now comes the scary part…putting $$ where the excel was!

On July 27th –> Deposit made for GT 40 with Active Power Cars from Chris Arden in Ohio!!

1st payment 33% down payment, 2nd payment 33% with the car about ~50% through build, photos provided,  and then select options, 3rd payment 34% at completion.


On August 4th –> Deposit made for Mendeola Transaxle

50% down now, ~3-4 month lead time…50% after it’s finished


On August 28th –> 427ci v8 625HP Engine purchased from Blueprint Engines: ETA November (they could have shipped much earlier, but I have a vacation coming up and didn’t want this beauty sitting in the driveway!)