After several delays due to the car hauler getting stuck in icing roads, it’s finally arrived!!  We’ve been flat out getting everything inventoried & work started.  Here’s the basics:

-All the major items showed up as expected & in good condition:  We purchased the “roller kit” & it rolled right off the enclosed trailer & we winched it up the driveway & onto the 4 post lift.  It’s light enough that 2 people could’ve pushed it onto the lift…but the trucker didn’t show up until ~11pm, so I was solo & glad that I had a cheap electric winch. 

-Body: It’s in good shape, the body is installed and the panel fitment is spot on (saves us the time to figure out all of the shimming details!).  The body panels still has some work required before it’s ready to paint, but fairly standard for fiberglass & it’s as-expected. (I was at the shop a few months ago, so this wasn’t a surprise…just nice to confirm!)

-The interior of the car was packed with parts…it’s such a small interior, this is only ~1/3 of the total parts incuded.  I’ve been getting a steady stream of UPS/FedEx deliveries for the remainder.

-Selected Options: Chris worked with us on several options…ranging from simple (larger/wider wheels & tires, Z06 brakes) to more complex (Roll cage & bundle of snakes headers).  All of which were very competitive pricing…for many places, the options is where the shops can make a bigger profits…but Chris has a very direct and reasonable approach that only charges you the true increase in cost (ie. For larger tires…he charged the actual cost difference from the baseline tires to what we wanted). 

-Self tapping screws?!?!: All of the Aluminum panels are installed (big reduction to our work load!!), but one of the first things I noticed was that it was all done via small self-tapping screws instead of rivets…my first thought was “that’s kinda cheap & ugly”; the next morning as I started to get work done, I quickly realized that I needed to remove various panels, so the self-tapping screws was an absolute necessity.  For panels that will need regular access, I’ll use rivnuts…otherwise I’ll use regular rivets.