Harrop ITB’s installed

Now that the Mendeola Transaxle has arrived, we were able to finalize the engine & Tranny mounting, which then let the Exhaust & Intake take it’s final home. with such a low car, space is cramped and the chassis & intake manifold needed some slight trimming.

Interior Cabin looking Aft: This will have a bulkhead, but during the install it was much easier to have that removed (Thanks Chris @ Active Power Cars!). The key item to note is the top…I had to cut the top chassis rail & the harness bar to make room. Everything was strengthen to compensate for the cuts, in addition the full roll cage will help.
ITBs have lots of parts!! When the Harrop ITB arrived, it was a single unit and looked perfect; now that I’m actually installing it, the complexity of the build and attention to detail is more apparent. I can’t wait to hear this start.
Some of the small details…the OEM MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) sensor has a nice home underneath, where the OEM o-ring perfectly engage.

Things coming together: Clutch / Exhaust / Intake installed…the OTB trumpets are loose, and once installed will be pointed more horizontal.

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